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  • Does Femwell offer virtual visits if I am unable to come in-person?
    Yes! All of our services are available virtually through our secure video conferencing system. Dr. Brussee also offers virtual consultations and an intensive multi-day program with daily treatment sessions for out-of-town clients who desire specialized hands-on care.
  • How many visits will I need?
    The frequency of recommended visits varies greatly depending on each woman's unique symptoms, concerns, and goals. Each specialist will give you a recommendation for session frequency based upon the initial evaluation findings and will work to accommodate your schedule and finances accordingly. We can confidently say that our clients require fewer visits compared to traditional medical practices due to our specialized care model.
  • Does Femwell accept my health insurance?
    Femwell practices independently of managed healthcare networks. We charge a flat fee for service and do not bill insurance. We have thoughtfully chosen this model of practice for several important reasons: Billing insurance requires a diagnosis code, which becomes part of your permanent health record as a pre-existing condition. Insurance companies contain costs by only covering services they deem are "medically necessary." This means that in order for them to reimburse for services, your provider must label you with a diagnosis that signifies functional impairment in your daily life. This diagnosis remains on your health record and can impact your future care and coverage. If you do not have a legitimate diagnosis, insurance companies will deny coverage for services and oftentimes you will receive surprise bills later on for rejected claims. A diagnosis is nothing to be ashamed about, and in some cases it may be the best option to use insurance-covered services. However, many people opt for private pay services regarding sensitive issues like mental and pelvic health to keep matters they want completely private, private. Traditional insurance dictates the type of treatments we can give, the number of sessions we can provide, and the length of service we can offer. Diagnostic codes group patients into specific allowable treatment parameters, but at Femwell we know that each woman has unique symptoms, concerns, and goals that should govern the interventions and treatment frequency we provide, not her insurance company. We are able to provide the highest quality specialized services to our clients because we do not have to follow insurance guidelines. This means that clients don't waste their time and money on ineffective treatments. Traditional insurance typically does not cover preventative services. We know that prevention is crucial to optimal health and wellbeing. Taking proactive measures to care for your pelvic floor and core, hormonal health, mental health, and prenatal/postnatal body will save you an unquantifiable amount of time, effort, frustration, pain, money, and medical appointments/procedures in the long-run. Our payment model allows us to spend ample quality time with each of our clients, which is integral to us comprehensively assessing and effectively guiding each woman to reach her health and wellness goals. Due to low reimbursement rates, traditional medical practices are often limited to short appointment times and/or treating multiple people at once. We are dedicated to spending the one-on-one quality time needed to truly make a difference so that our clients' time, money, and effort are not wasted. Less of our time spent on paperwork and going back and forth with insurance companies means more of our time spent on chart reviewing, treatment planning, staying abreast on the most current research, and collaborating with other members of our clients' care team. We are able to give our clients the best care possible because we are able to use our clinical instincts instead of basing decisions off of insurance requirements. Clients typically do not need as many appointments in the long-run with our practice model compared to traditional practices who are unable to provide specialized care and are confined by insurance restrictions. After paying towards high deductibles, covering co-pays, and having extra unnecessary appointments with various providers due to not having one-on-one specialized care, we have found that traditional insurance billing practices often end up actually costing clients more than our payment model. Although we do not bill insurance, upon request we are able to provide a 'super bill' which includes an itemized receipt of treatment codes if you wish to submit to your insurance provider independently for out-of-network reimbursement benefits. If you intend to file independently, please contact your insurance provider prior to your first visit to determine if you are eligible for out-of-network benefits and what their specific filing requirements are.
  • How much do Femwell's services cost?
    Femwell offers transparent, up-front competitive pricing for highly specialized care. You will never receive additional charges or surprise bills, creating a simple and stress-free healthcare experience. Pelvic Floor & Core Therapy Evaluation: $200 Follow-Up Treatment Sessions: $165 Birth Prep Sessions: $165 Comprehensive Postpartum Evaluation: $200 Medical Bodywork Myofacial Release (60 min): $125 Post-Operative Scar Tissue Mobilization (60 min): $125 Cranial Sacral Therapy (60 min): $125 Clogged Duct/Mastitis Management (60 min): $165 Clogged Duct/Mastitis Management (30 min): $85 Gynovisceral Manipulation (60 min): $165 Birth Body Balancing (60 min): $165 Mercier Therapy Initial Consultation: $200 Mercier Therapy Protocol (6 sessions): $990 Shared Journey Fertility Program: $2,600 Shared Journey Fertility Program + Pelvic Floor Prep: $3,130 Shared Journey Fertility Program + Nutrition: $3,225 Shared Journey Fertility Program + Pelvic Floor & Nutrition: $3,755 Mental Health Therapy Intake Visit: $125 Follow-Up Visits: $125 Dietetics/Nutrition Intake Visit: $225 Follow-Up Visits: $150 Hormonal Health Coaching The Period Package: $1,500 Comprehensive Hormonal Health Evaluation: $150 Follow-Up Sessions: $125 Childbirth and Perinatal Education 4-hr Childbirth Education Class (includes 2 people): $125 Prenatal Education Class: $60 Postpartum Education Class Series: $60 each Doula Support Services Discovery Call: Free Full Spectrum Doula Support Package: $1,200 Personal Training Initial Consultation (60 min): $80 6 week package (30 min. sessions 1x/week): $200 6 week package (30 min. sessions 2x/week): $360 12 week package (30 min. sessions 1x/week): $400 12 week package (30 min. sessions 2x/week): $700 6 month package (30 min. sessions 1x/week): $800 6 month package (30 min. sessions 2x/week): $1,296 FemFit Classes Mommy & Me Class: $12 Functional Fitness Class: $12 Fit-for-Life Class: $12 10-Pack: $100 WellWomen Workshops In-person & Virtual: $55 Support Groups Free
  • Does Femwell accept FSA and HSA accounts for payment?
    Absolutely! We accept flexible spending and health savings accounts, credit/debit cards, and cash payments.
  • Do I need a referral from a doctor to access Femwell's services?
    It is not necessary to obtain a physician's referral for hormonal health coaching, childbirth education classes, or doula support services. North Carolina is a direct-access state for our pelvic floor/core therapy and mental health therapy services, which means that a physician's referral is not required for these services either. However, providing holistic care is one of our top priorities at Femwell, and we believe that collaborating with our clients' doctors is often key to optimizing outcomes. So, it certainly is not policy to have a physician's referral, but is helpful for us to have access to your past medical records and open communication with your overseeing physician if that is something you are comfortable with.
  • What is Femwell's cancellation policy?
    We understand that life happens and situations might come up that require you to cancel or reschedule an appointment. In an effort to ensure that our time is responsibly utilized to serve as many women as possible, we kindly request that you make any adjustments to your appointment or class at least 24 hours in advance. Canceled, rescheduled, or missed appointments/classes without a 24 hour notice will result in a charge of the full service amount. In the event that a client does not provide a minimum of 24-hour notice of cancellation prior to the first class in the series for childbirth education classes, they will be subject to the full amount of the class series. If a class is missed and rescheduling is not possible, the client will still be responsible for the full payment of the series.
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