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Hormonal Health Coaching

Hormonal health coaching is a specialized branch of health coaching that addresses a woman’s overall health through a hormonal perspective. Why is this important? Most diet and lifestyle recommendations are actually made for and studied on men. (They are easier to engage in experimental trials because they do not have the interference of a menstrual cycle to affect results.)  For example, popular diets studied primarily on men, such as intermittent fasting, can aid in weight loss but ultimately wreak havoc on a woman's hormonal balance and contribute to long-term health issues. Women have an intricate monthly hormonal dance that must be taken into consideration when it comes to diet, lifestyle, exercise, and all other health recommendations.

Hormones are important because they affect everything about the way our bodies function- from our metabolism, to our fertility, to our stress and anxiety levels. When the endocrine system is balanced, other systems fall into place. Our certified integrative nutrition health coach, Michelle McGuire, focuses on the areas of nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle- guiding her clients on how to approach each one in a way that promotes hormonal balance.

Healthy Food

Who is Hormonal Coaching For?


Any woman who wants to:

  • Reduce or eliminate PMS symptoms including acne, bloating, mood swings, cravings, fatigue, etc.

  • Regulate and improve their menstrual cycle

  • Reduce/eliminate period cramps

  • Help restore their metabolism without dieting

  • Have an optimal transition off of birth control 

  • Naturally boost fertility & prepare for conception

  • Improve their diet and lifestyle to support long-term health

  • Improve sleep and energy levels

  • Learn about how to support their body throughout their menstrual cycle

  • Understand when to seek clinical guidance for hormonal health issues

The Period Package


The Period Package is what we recommend most for women who desire to effectively improve their overall hormone health. This six month 1:1 coaching program is designed to help naturally balance hormones, eliminate menstrual cycle issues, and boost fertility. It involves personal coaching through guidance with general nutrition, lifestyle, and the menstrual cycle. This package includes biweekly 60 minute long sessions, a holistic hormonal health plan, weekly goals, educational resources, and 24/7 email communication.  


* Book a free 20 minute initial consultation with Michelle to see if the Period Package is a good fit for you!

Comprehensive Hormonal Health Evaluation


A comprehensive hormonal health evaluation is a 90 minute 1:1 thorough evaluation of your overall hormonal health. This session identifies possible hormonal imbalances that could be behind acne, fertility issues, PMS, and more. It addresses eating habits, exercise, and lifestyle through a hormonal lens and a coaching plan for sustainable change. 

Follow-up sessions are available after your comprehensive hormonal health evaluation to check in on your progress and make adjustments to your plan.


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