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Exercising with Baby

Personal Training

A certified personal trainer is a trained professional who provides skilled guidance in reaching health and fitness goals.  Personal trainers create individualized exercise programs that are both safe and effective, taking into consideration their client's  unique anatomy, health history, lifestyle, and goals. Research shows that working out with a personal trainer can increase the success rate of achieving your fitness goals by over 30 percent. Why? Personal trainers create exercise plans tailored to your unique needs that accommodate your unique lifestyle. They help you perform exercises with correct form and body mechanics, which prevents injury and strain setbacks. They increase your accountability in staying consistent with an exercise regimen, leading to long-term results. And, they can help give you general nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to improve your overall health.


Our certified personal trainer, Devyn Whaley, is passionate about providing women with comprehensive support as they navigate fitness throughout all stages of life. She specializes in a functional fitness approach to equip women to be fit for their everyday life activities. She loves working with women of all fitness levels- from total beginners to elite athletes. She has also taken continuing education courses and trained under Dr. Alyssa Brussee in order to skillfully help women navigate pregnancy and postpartum fitness so they can prevent pregnancy-related complications and heal their bodies with ease after birth. 

Who is Functional Fitness Personal Training For?

Functional fitness personal training is for:

  • Any woman who wants to be fit to complete her everyday life activities with ease

  • Any woman who wants to learn how to exercise in an effective and safe way, with careful attention paid to form and body mechanics

  • Female athletes in any stage of life

  • Pregnant women who want to maintain their workout regimen in a way that is safe for both mom and baby

  • Pregnant women who desire to have a healthy pregnancy, but don't know where to begin

  • Postpartum women who want to return to exercise, but are unsure of what to do

  • Busy moms who want personalized exercises they can do in the comfort of their own home

  • Elderly women who want to stay active and make their everyday lives easier

Initial Fitness Consultation

The initial fitness consultation is an hour long 1:1 appointment with Devyn in which you will go over your past medical history, fitness background, lifestyle, and fitness goals. Devyn will use this information to develop a personalized fitness plan tailored to you. The second half of the initial fitness consultation will include your first workout together, and recommendations for what you can do at home between your sessions. Initial consultations can be completed in our fitness studio or via our secure video telehealth platform.

Follow-Up Personal Training Sessions

Devyn offers 6-week, 12-week, and 6-month personal training packages with 30 minute sessions at a frequency of either 1 or 2 times per week depending on your needs. During these sessions, she will guide you through a customized workout based on the goals and plan you identified together during your initial consultation, as well as recommendations for how to further your progress at home in-between sessions. Personal training sessions can be completed in-person in the comfort of our private fitness studio, or via our video telehealth system in the comfort of your home. Moms, feel free to bring your child(ren) along! Please refer to the FAQ section for package pricing.


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